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Detox Your Body, Heal Your Soul With Our Infrared Heat, Himalayan Salt Infused Studios.

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Benefits of our Infrared Heating system and Himalayan salt wall.

Our studio instructors are certified in the sweat-inducing, blood-restricting practice of VIBES HOT YOGA. Peruse our examination of VIBES HOT YOGA to understand the principles behind this steamy form of fitness. VIBES HOT YOGA is all about the numbers as practitioners make their way through various breathing exercises (or pranayamas) inside a studio heated to at least 105 degrees for a total of 60 to 75 minutes. This amalgam of precise components relies on poses plucked from the world’s yoga repertoire and arranged into a sequence that progressively stretches the entire body. The sweltering temperatures are meant to work in tandem with the poses to render limbs more pliable while encouraging sweat to ferry toxins out of the body. Meanwhile, the specific ordering of the postures is meant to encourage a tourniquet effect—a process that occurs when a prolonged hold cuts off blood flow to one part of the body, only to flush fresh, oxygenated blood through that area once the student releases the hold.

Although these hot venues are often playfully nicknamed “chambers,” instructors maintain that students of any age and experience level can benefit from the practice, so long as they focus on proper form. Lady Gaga, Kobe Bryant, and David Beckham have all taken up the program, cycling through such stances as the Eagle, the Camel, the Locust, and the Cobra.
Infrared heating Reduces Allergies.

Do you want to love hot yoga? Have you found that the forced heat in a hot yoga room just isn’t for you? Hot yoga with infrared heating may be just what you’re looking for!

Infrared light is NOT ultraviolet light… in fact, it has an opposite effect of UV. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the healthy light that allows plants to photosynthesize, or make energy to sustain and grow. Infrared light rays heat you from the inside… it’s a deep penetrating heat that warms you, and not just the surrounding air. It’s the ultimate detox.

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Can’t imagine being heated from within? Imagine practicing yoga outside on a clear and sunny afternoon, minus the sun in your eyes. Relaxed, content, and full of energy, right?

Let’s see what practicing in the infrared heat yoga studio does for your body…

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

From arthritis and fibromyalgia to plain old muscle soreness, FIR can penetrate up to 3 inches into the body and under the skin, aiding in pain relief by improving blood circulation and enhancing the delivery of oxygen to soft tissue, which helps relax the muscles.

Smooth Skin

Infrared light waves gradually repair skin damage over time. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, helps scars and burns, improves the skin’s elasticity, and improves overall appearance of skin tone.

Healthy Heart

Vibes Hot Yoga Studio

Along with strengthening our cardiovascular system through Ujjayi breathing, a rise in body temperature increases blood flow, which mimics the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout and continues hours after your hot yoga practice!

FIR infrared therapy is the best way to eliminate metals, chemicals, and toxins from the body. The FIR natural heating mechanism heats from the inside by raising the body temperature to create an “artificial fever.” Studies have shown that in this state, cancer cell growth slows, and white blood cells (infection fighters).

Studies have shown that infrared heat for a moderately fit person can sweat one pound of sweat in one 30-minute session, which is the equivalent of running 2-3 miles. Not to worry – rehydration will restore the lost fluid.

In conclusion, light heals! In addition to the benefits above, yoga in an infrared heated room is comfortable, therapeutic, and safe. It is recommended that you attend 3 infrared heated classes per week for optimal benefits. Knowing you are going to soak up some far infrared rays is just another way to help keep a regular yoga practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Infrared Heat Technology is Brand New! 

Since infrared doesn’t rely on air as the medium for transporting the heat (like conventional convection heaters, e.g., radiators), there is a far less movement of air, which means that dust and allergens aren’t circulated around a room, helping to reduce their impact.

If you’ve ever used a hot pack to warm up a sore muscle before exercise or a sporting event, then you know that heat can increase blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. Infrared heat is a form of energy that allows you to heat your body more effectively and penetrate more deeply than other types of heat.

A 2009 paper by Dr. Richard Beever in the journal “Canadian Family Physician” reviewed research on infrared heat’s cardiovascular health benefits. Beever explains that five separate research studies indicate that the using infrared heat can benefit those with coronary risk factors. The specific risk factors that benefited with the infrared heat use included high cholesterol and hypertension. According to Beevers, one reason, infrared heat may help cardiovascular health is the demand placed on your body to regulate the heat compares to the physical effort level of walking at a moderate pace.

Infrared heat can also help you if you have a muscular injury. Increasing blood flow to your injured muscle helps increase healing. Physical therapist Tricia Trinque explains that in addition to heating deeper into your muscles, infrared heat has also released nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves circulation and increases the oxygen and other nutrients coming to help heal the injured area.

Vibes Hot Yoga

To treat a specific injury, such as a strained hamstring, with infrared heat a physical therapist would use an infrared heater.

Infrared is naturally produced by the sun and is the reason that you can feel warm on a sunny but yet a cold winter’s day (it is not the same as the harmful UV radiation that is the other end of the visible light spectrum that causes sunburn and can damage the skin).
This infrared is absorbed by the body, which causes it to increase blood circulation, which has many health benefits including: boosting immune functionality, detoxing and reducing joint stiffness.

Not only does Himalayan salt detoxify the body, you can also use it to clean the air you breathe.

You may have seen one before and not known what you were looking at – a big chunky pink crystal lamp sitting on a table or desk. This decorative bit of lighting is actually made of HS, which acts as a natural air purifier by pulling moisture from the surrounding environment into the salt. Heat from the bulb quickly evaporates the water back into the air, but any toxins that were previously carried in the cycled moisture are left behind, trapped by the salt ions.

If you’ve ever used a Neti pot, then you know how well salt water can work to clear up your sinuses. Try using HS saline in your pot for an even healthier cleanse. Himalayan salt kills bacteria and bonds to many contaminants that may be stuck in your nasal cavities due to breathing polluted air.

HS Provides the Body With Electrolytes Which Regulate Hydration, Among Other Things

Vibes Hot Yoga Studio

Vibes Hot Yoga Studio

Read the label on a sports drink bottle and you will see some of the major electrolytes listed in the ingredients – sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), and chloride (Cl−) – in one or more of their forms. This is because the body absorbs electrolytes faster than water by itself. When these two occur side-by-side, your body takes up the water and electrolytes together, resulting in faster hydration. Sadly, most commercial sports drinks are also full of sugar and chemical preservatives that we don’t want in our bodies.

The good news is that HS is about 85% sodium chloride with the other 15% featuring notable amounts of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as bicarbonate. These six minerals are all electrolytes that are necessary for proper functioning of the human body, or more specifically for body fluid regulation.

Essentially, creating sole made with Himalayan salt is like mixing your own perfect sports drink. Unbalanced pH is a problem for many people that can lead to all kinds of health problems from immune deficiency and loss of bone density to kidney stones and weight gain.

Nutrients in HS can actually increase the ability of our gastrointestinal tract to absorb other nutrients. For this reason, trading your shaker of table salt for Himalayan will help you to better digest your food. Better digestion means you’ll feel less hungry which – especially for those wanting to shed a couple of extra pounds each week – is very good news, indeed!

Many of the minerals found in HS are also vital for the human body to maintain strong bones and connective tissues, as well as proper muscle regeneration and blood circulation. If you are prone to chilled extremities, arthritis, broken bones, or even mental fatigue.

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